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Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier

Experience Clear Hearing with Rechargeable Amplifier!

  • Ideal for slight to medium hearing loss
  • Rechargeable via USB, no disposable batteries
  • 12-14 hours of constant use after 7-8 hours charge
  • Free second amplifier for round-the-clock usage
  • Includes 6 washable silicone tips


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1 £59.99
2+ 16.67 % £49.99
Sku: H93997

Rediscover Clear Hearing with the Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier!

Tired of saying “Pardon?” or “I didn’t quite catch that” too often? Introducing our revolutionary Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier, meticulously designed for those facing slight to medium hearing loss. Whether it’s enjoying the TV, theatre, cinema, socialiSing with friends, or navigating the supermarket, you won’t miss a single word again. 

This amplifier is a game-changer in the world of hearing assistance, enhancing your auditory experience in a variety of settings.

With its USB rechargeable feature, you can bid farewell to disposable batteries. Charge the amplifier for 7-8 hours, and you’ll enjoy an impressive 12-14 hours of continuous use (depending on the volume level). But that’s not all – we’ve included a second amplifier for round-the-clock usage, effectively providing two amplifiers for the price of one! This ensures you always have a fully charged amplifier ready for use, backed by the convenience of a red-to-green light indicator to signal when charging is complete.

What’s Included:

  • Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier (x2)
  • USB charging cable
  • 6 interchangeable washable silicone tips

Sealing out unwanted noise is made effortless with the six interchangeable washable silicone tips, ensuring a comfortable and custom fit. Embrace a world of clearer and more vibrant sound, no matter the environment.

Step into a new era of enhanced hearing with the Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier. Say goodbye to missed conversations and strained hearing. Elevate your auditory world with advanced technology that offers convenience, comfort, and clarity.


  • Charging Time: 7-8 hours
  • Usage Time: 12-14 hours (depending on volume level)
  • Second amplifier included for continuous use
  • Indicator light: Red-to-green (charging complete)

Experience the joy of unobstructed hearing – it’s time to invest in your auditory well-being.