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Pill Popper


Pill Popper – Effortless Pill Removal!

  • Effortlessly pops pills out of foil/bubble packaging
  • Built-in container catches pills neatly
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold
  • Measures L13.5xW2.7xH4.5cm

Original price was: £5.99.Current price is: £4.99.

Sku: H65769

Tired of struggling to remove pills from their foil or bubble packaging? 

Look no further! Introducing our Pill Popper, the easy and efficient solution to pill removal. With the motto “Start popping, stop dropping,” this clever little device is designed to pop pills out of their packaging and neatly catch them in its built-in container, saving you the hassle of searching for lost pills on the floor or risking them being eaten by pets.

We understand the importance of easy medication management, especially for those with sore hands or limited dexterity. The Pill Popper is lightweight and comfortable to hold, making it an ideal tool for effortlessly accessing your daily pills. Moreover, it provides a safer and more convenient alternative to traditional pill packaging removal methods.

Measuring at L13.5xW2.7xH4.5cm, our Pill Popper is compact and travel-friendly. No more struggling with difficult pill packages or wasting time searching for dropped pills. Simplify your pill-taking routine with the easy, effective, and pet-friendly Pill Popper.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Pill Popper device



  • Product: Pill Popper
  • Dimensions: L13.5xW2.7xH4.5cm