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Orthopaedic Leather Car Seat Cover

Leather Luxury: Seasonal Comfort Meets Orthopaedic Support!

  • Genuine leather for year-round comfort
  • Orthopaedic padding for enhanced support
  • Promotes better posture during journeys
  • Easy fit with secure elasticated straps
  • Versatile for cars, home or office


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Sku: H05082

Made with genuine leather, warm in winter, cool in summer, wonderfully comfortable all year round.

What’s more these seat cushions boast special orthopaedic padding to support your shoulders, back and thighs. This encourages better posture which helps to relieve stress, fatigue and tiredness – even on prolonged journeys. Held in place by secure elasticated straps, they’re fitted in seconds and removed just as quickly for use on chairs in your home or office.

Elevate every ride and rest: Experience the orthopaedic luxury of genuine leather.

Experience unparalleled comfort, regardless of the season, with these genuine leather seat cushions. Expertly crafted, the cushions promise warmth during winter chills and a cool touch during the summer heat, ensuring you’re wrapped in comfort throughout the year.

Beyond the seasonal advantages, these seat cushions offer enhanced ergonomic benefits. The special orthopaedic padding has been meticulously designed to provide optimal support to key areas such as your shoulders, back, and thighs. This support not only ensures a comfortable seating experience but actively promotes better posture, significantly reducing fatigue, tiredness, and stress, especially during extended journeys or prolonged periods of sitting.

The cushions are user-friendly, held securely in place with elasticated straps, ensuring a snug fit and zero hassle. Their versatile design allows them to be swiftly attached or detached, making them perfect not just for your vehicle but also for chairs in your home or workspace.


  • Premium genuine leather for top-notch comfort
  • Thoughtful orthopaedic design to support key body areas
  • Encourages healthier posture and reduces fatigue
  • Elasticated straps ensure a snug fit and easy application
  • Dual-purpose: Ideal for vehicles and indoor seating


What’s Included:

  • Genuine Leather Seat Cushions with Orthopaedic Padding
  • Elasticated securing straps


To maintain the premium quality of the leather, avoid exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Regularly condition the leather to maintain its luster and durability. Ensure compatibility with chair or vehicle seat before installation.