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Horoscope Watches

Wear Your Stars on Your Wrist

  • Powerful magnetic bracelet meets stylish watch
  • Elegant gold-tone finish
  • Striking horoscope design face
  • Reliable analogue quartz movement
  • Radiates magnetic force field round-the-clock


Sku: H63191-FIG

The Timepiece That Aligns with the Stars

When horology meets astrology, you get more than just a timepiece; you get an emblem that reflects the very essence of your being. The Horoscope Watches, a harmonious blend of functionality and cosmic energy, offer you the precision of time and the power of the magnetic field.

Every moment of our lives is orchestrated by the cosmic dance of celestial bodies, influencing our choices, personalities, and destinies. The horoscope face of this watch serves as a daily reminder of the universe’s vastness and the role of the zodiac in our lives.

Crafted with precision, the watch not only tells time but also harnesses the therapeutic effects of magnets. Whether you’re a firm believer in magnetic therapy or are just intrigued by its potential benefits, having a continuous magnetic force field can be a comforting experience.

The watch’s gold-tone finish gives it a timeless elegance, making it suitable for both casual and formal wear. The analogue quartz movement guarantees reliability and accuracy, ensuring you’re always on time.


  • Magnetic Therapy: Bracelet infused with powerful magnets for potential therapeutic effects.
  • Astrological Design: Features a prominent horoscope design on the face, connecting you with the stars.
  • Reliable Timekeeping: Equipped with precise analogue quartz movement.
  • Elegant Finish: A superb gold-tone finish for a timeless look.


What’s Included:

  • 1 x Horoscope Watch with Magnetic Bracelet


Embrace the universe’s rhythm and wear your star sign with pride. The Horoscope Watches – where cosmic energy meets timely precision.