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Green Magic Body Cream

Luxurious Moisture for Radiant, Supple Skin.

  • Rich and creamy formulation
  • Natural plant-based ingredients
  • Moisturises without a greasy feel
  • Soothes and slims with ivy extract
  • Suitable for all skin types


Sku: H66415

Experience Natural Radiance with Green Magic Body Cream

Indulge your skin with the luxurious Green Magic Body Cream, a luscious blend that promises not just hydration, but a total skin transformation. This rich, creamy formula has been crafted keeping in mind the diverse needs of all skin types, ensuring everyone can experience its magic.

Harnessing the power of nature, this body cream integrates potent ingredients such as spirulina platensis, coconut extract, and vitamin E. Together, they dive deep into the skin, providing essential moisture without leaving behind any greasy residue. But that’s not all. The inclusion of horse chestnut stands as a guard against varicose veins, whilst the ivy extract, renowned for its calming properties, also doubles up to offer a slimming effect on the skin.

The result? A skin that doesn’t just look good but feels incredible too. Supple, refreshed, tightened, and relaxed – the Green Magic Body Cream truly works wonders. Embrace the care of nature, because every skin type deserves the best.


  • Creamy texture that absorbs quickly
  • Packed with natural, plant-derived ingredients
  • Horse chestnut to combat varicose veins
  • Ivy extract for soothing and slimming benefits
  • Vitamin E for added skin nourishment


What’s Included:

  • Green Magic Body Cream



  • Ingredients: Spirulina platensis, coconut extract, vitamin E, horse chestnut, ivy extract
  • Skin type: Suitable for all
  • Texture: Rich and creamy
  • Size: 50ml