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Window Fly Screen

Elegant Bug-Free Ventilation Solution

  • Sleek silver aluminium frame design.
  • Available in two adjustable sizes.
  • Heavy-duty, flame-resistant fiberglass mesh.
  • Tool-free, easy installation.
  • Tight seal with felt-lined weather stripping.


Sku: H66360-FIG

Enjoy Fresh Air, Sans Insects: The Aluminium Adjustable Window Fly Screen

Presenting the Aluminium Adjustable Window Fly Screen – a perfect harmony of sleek design and unparalleled functionality. Designed to seamlessly integrate into homes, its silver aluminium frame is subtle yet robust, promising to blend effortlessly with most window frames.

Offered in two sizes, the fly screen provides flexibility for various window dimensions. The smaller screen, measuring 50cm in height and 35cm in width, can extend up to 62cm in width. The larger variant, on the other hand, starts at 70cm in width and boasts an impressive extendibility up to 132cm, all while maintaining its 50cm height.

But it’s not just about aesthetics and adjustability. The fly screen’s construction incorporates a heavy-duty fiberglass mesh. This not only promises durability but also stands resilient to flames and heat. Moreover, it’s adept at ensuring your curious pets stay safe indoors. One of the screen’s standout features is its effortless installation process. Forget the need for any tools; the fly screen expands for an impeccable fit, maintaining a consistent height. Plus, the felt-lined weather stripping provides an additional barrier, ensuring that while fresh air comes in, bugs stay out. Opt for the Aluminium Adjustable Window Fly Screen and redefine your home’s ventilation, making it a haven free of unwanted guests.


  • Contemporary silver aluminium frame.
  • Dual size options with easy adjustability.
  • Constructed using durable, heat-resistant fiberglass mesh.
  • Pets deterrent; prevents them from leaning out.
  • Effortless, no-tools-needed installation.
  • Enhanced with felt-lined weather stripping for bug prevention.

What’s Included:
1 x Aluminium Adjustable Window Fly Screen


  • Frame Material: Aluminium
  • Mesh Material: Fiberglass
  • Small Size: H50cm x W35cm (Extendable to W62cm)
  • Large Size: H50cm x W70cm (Extendable to W132cm)
  • Heat and Flame Resistant: Yes
  • Installation: Tool-free


Experience a refreshing breeze without the worry of bugs. The Aluminium Adjustable Window Fly Screen is the upgrade your home deserves.