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Wallwik Wallpaper & Paste Remover


Sku: H03791

A helping hand to any event, party or just if you’re on the move.

The new Wallwik Wallpaper Stripping Kit
contains everything you need to strip
wallpaper quickly and easily. The kit removes all types of wallpaper including Woodchip, Flock and Grasscloth, even if it has been painted! The kit is also safe to use on plasterboard. Just score your old wallpaper with the scoring tool provided. Then soak the Hydro sheets in a bucket letting excess water drip a few seconds then place the sheet on the wall with the Wallwik name facing you. And leave for at least 45 minutes, after 20mins spray the sheet to keep it moist. Once the 45mins is up remove the hydro sheets and you should be able to peel away the old wallpaper in whole sections. Once you have dried the hydro sheets they can be used time and time again. Contains: 10 x Heavy duty reusable Hydro Sheets and 1 x Wallpaper Scoring Tool