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Unisex Anti Sweat Cooling Socks – 3 pack

Stay Cool and Comfortable with PermaCool Cooling Socks!

  • Advanced Technology for Warm Weather Comfort
  • Developed Over Two Years for Optimal Performance
  • Ideal Replacement for Standard Cotton Socks
  • Available in Regular and Trainer Styles
  • Men’s and Ladies’ Sizes in Popular Colours


Sku: 89512X-fig

Introducing PermaCool: The Ultimate Cooling Socks for Everyday Warm Weather Comfort!

From the creators of the renowned Heat Holders range, we bring you our latest innovation: PermaCool Cooling Socks. While Heat Holders kept you warm during winter, we now address the opposite concern that arises in warmer weather – hot and sweaty feet inside shoes and socks. After over two years of dedicated development, we’ve perfected the technology and are excited to introduce PermaCool to the market.

These socks are the perfect alternative to standard cotton socks in warm conditions. Designed for everyday wear, they come in both a regular style and a shorter trainer version to suit your preference. The PermaCool range caters to both men and women, offering a variety of popular colours to choose from.

Experience the next level of warm weather comfort with PermaCool Cooling Socks. Trust in our advanced technology to keep your feet cool and comfortable throughout the day.

What’s Included:

  • PermaCool Cooling Socks


  • Styles Available: Regular and Trainer
  • Sizes: Men’s and Ladies’
  • Colours: Various Popular Colours Available
  • Ideal For: Everyday Wear in Warm Weather