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Uniross Universal Adaptor


Power Your Devices with One Adaptor.

  • Multi-voltage flexibility: 3v to 12v
  • Suitable for numerous devices
  • 300mA unregulated DC voltage
  • Reliable alternative to batteries
  • Versatile and energy-efficient

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Empower Every Device: The All-in-One Solution for Varied Voltage Requirements.

The Uniross Universal Adaptor epitomizes versatility and reliability. With a wide voltage range from 3v to 12v, it ensures that you can power a plethora of electrical devices, eliminating the need for multiple adaptors cluttering your space. Its unregulated 300mA DC voltage provides consistent and dependable power.

Are you tired of constantly buying and replacing batteries? The Uniross Universal Adaptor emerges as an ideal solution. It not only promises a steady power supply but also provides an eco-friendly alternative by reducing the usage of disposable batteries.

The design is tailored for user convenience, making it simple to switch between different voltage requirements. Whether you’re powering a toy, a clock, or any other electronic gadget, this universal adaptor stands as a steadfast companion, ensuring your devices are never left powerless.


  • Wide Voltage Range: From 3v up to 12v for diverse needs.
  • Consistent Power: Unregulated 300mA DC voltage for a reliable power stream.
  • Battery Replacement: Can serve as a more permanent solution compared to temporary batteries.
  • Universal Compatibility: Suitable for an array of electronic devices.


What’s Included:

  • 1x Uniross Universal Adaptor
  • Instruction manual for safe usage and voltage selection



  • Voltage Options: 3v, 4.5v, 6v, 7.5v, 9v, 12v
  • Current Output: 300mA unregulated DC
  • Compatibility: Powers multiple electrical items


Always check the voltage requirement of your device before using the adaptor. Ensure it matches the output voltage of the adaptor. Incorrect voltage can damage your device. Always keep the adaptor away from water and operate in a dry environment.