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Tyre Dressing Applicator

Effortless Tyre Dressing Application

  • Soft foam sponge for versatility
  • Contoured design ensures clean hands
  • Solid PP grip for steady pressure
  • Efficient application, professional result
  • Fits all tyre types effortlessly


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1 £4.99
2+ 30.06 % £3.49
Sku: H94046

Achieve that showroom shine with every use.

Tired of the mess and hassle of dressing your tyres? Introducing our specially contoured applicator, designed to glide smoothly over your tyres, ensuring an even coat of dressing each time. Its unique design means you can achieve a professional finish in less time, without any of the mess. The solid PP grip is ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in your hand, ensuring you can apply steady pressure for an even finish. No more residue on your hands, and no more uneven patches on your tyres. It’s a game-changer for those who take pride in their vehicle’s appearance.


  • Soft foam sponge adapts to tyre shape for thorough application
  • Contoured design minimises waste and keeps hands clean
  • Durable PP grip ensures applicator longevity
  • Suitable for a range of tyre dressings


What’s Included:

  • 1 x Tyre Dressing Applicator (Size: 11.5cm x 6cm x 4cm)



  • Material: Soft foam & PP
  • Dimensions: 11.5cm x 6cm x 4cm
  • Suitable for: All tyre types and dressings