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Telescopic Window Cleaner

Reach, Clean, Shine: Ultimate Squeegee for Windows and More

  • Perfect for windows, mirrors, shower doors, and more
  • Lightweight shaft extends from 1.3m to a massive 3.46m
  • Allows for safe cleaning without the need for ladders
  • Adjustable head for cleaning at all angles (180°)
  • Includes washing squeegee and rubber wiper blade for a streak-free finish


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Sku: H63814

Unlock the Power to Reach, Clean, and Shine with Our Ultimate Window Squeegee

Introducing the ultimate tool for sparkling windows, mirrors, shower doors, and more. This versatile squeegee is designed for both interior and exterior use, making it a must-have for any household. Whether you’re tackling caravan windows or tending to your beloved greenhouse, this tool has you covered.

What sets this squeegee apart is its remarkable extendable shaft. Starting at 1.3 meters, it extends to an impressive 3.46 meters, ensuring you can reach even the highest household windows with ease and, most importantly, safety. Say goodbye to the need for precarious ladders. Additionally, the adjustable head allows for cleaning at all angles, giving you full control over your cleaning endeavours.

Included with this ingenious tool is both a washing squeegee and a rubber wiper blade. This dynamic duo guarantees a professional, smear-free finish every time. Now you can achieve a crystal-clear shine without the added cost of professional cleaning services.

What’s Included:

  • Ultimate Window Squeegee
  • Washing Squeegee
  • Rubber Wiper Blade


  • Extended Length: 3.46 meters
  • Head Adjustability: 180°
  • Suitable Surfaces: Windows, mirrors, shower doors, caravan windows, greenhouses, and more