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Sulca Brush

Effective Plaque Removal for Healthy Gums

  • Targets plaque and reduces gum infection
  • Designed for interdental and gingival access
  • Aids in preventing gum bleeding
  • Dual-ended design for comprehensive cleaning
  • Enhances oral hygiene regimen


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Sku: H60153

Revolutionise Your Oral Care with Precision and Effectiveness

This specialised tool is engineered for the dual purpose of plaque removal and gum infection reduction. Its unique design allows it to access those hard-to-reach interdental spaces and navigate along the gingival margin with precision. In addition to its plaque-busting capabilities, it contributes to stopping gum bleeding, promoting a healthier gum line.

With distinct angles on each end, this tool ensures thorough coverage across all parts of your mouth. It’s a uunituft brush, meticulously crafted for individual use as an integral part of your overall oral hygiene routine. Extensive studies have shown its superiority over traditional dental floss in certain areas, and its equivalence in others, when it comes to removing plaque and reducing gingivitis.

What’s Included:

  • Specialised Plaque Removal Tool


  • Design: Dual-ended with Different Angles
  • Intended Use: Plaque Removal and Gum Health
  • Effectiveness: Proven Results in Plaque and Gingivitis Reduction
  • Application: Interdental and Gingival Access