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Standard Bird Seed Feeder

Invite Wild Birds into Your Garden with the Green Bird Seed Feeder

  • Easy-to-Fill Design with Flip Top Lid
  • Sturdy Plastic Construction Keeps Food Dry
  • Space-Saving Solution for Gardens with Limited Space
  • Hook Included for Tree or Bracket Hanging


Sku: H93823

Attract and Nourish Beautiful Wild Birds with the Green Bird Seed Feeder

Transform your garden into a haven for wild birds with the Green Bird Seed Feeder. Crafted for convenience and functionality, this feeder is designed to make bird feeding a delightful experience for both you and your feathered visitors.

The feeder’s easy-to-fill design features a convenient flip top lid, allowing you to refill it with bird seeds effortlessly. The sturdy plastic construction ensures that the food remains clean and dry, providing a hygienic dining spot for the birds.

Perfectly suited for gardens with limited space, this feeder offers a space-saving solution while still attracting a variety of wild birds. Hang it from a tree or bracket using the included hook, and watch as your garden becomes a hub of avian activity.

Enhance your outdoor space by creating a welcoming environment for wild birds. Encourage their presence, enjoy their beauty, and contribute to the local ecosystem with the Green Bird Seed Feeder.

What’s Included:

  • Green Bird Seed Feeder
  • Hook for Hanging


  • Construction: Sturdy plastic
  • Lid: Flip top lid for easy filling
  • Hanging: Hook included for tree or bracket hanging