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Spray ‘n’ Seal

Spray ‘n’ Seal: Instant Watertight Seals Made Simple

  • Create watertight seals with a single spray
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Prevent costly repair expenses
  • Long-lasting solution for leaks and damage
  • Available in Black and Clear options


Sku: H04184-FIG

Spray ‘n’ Seal: Your Ultimate Solution for Instant Watertight Seals

Discover the convenience and effectiveness of Spray ‘n’ Seal – the perfect answer to achieving quick and reliable watertight seals. With a straightforward application process, this innovative solution turns sealing into a breeze. Originating from the UK and endorsed by skilled DIY enthusiasts, Spray ‘n’ Seal is a trusted choice for fixing leaks in various areas, including pipes, gutters, drains, roofs, and windows. Its versatility extends to serving as a sealing coat over watermarks or graffiti before embarking on redecoration projects.

Don’t underestimate the consequences of prolonged water damage – the expenses can quickly add up. Shield your home and vehicle from leaks and seeping water harm using Spray ‘n’ Seal. This remarkable formula not only spares you from costly repair endeavours but also provides a dependable, enduring resolution. With options available in both Black and Clear, Spray ‘n’ Seal caters to your sealing preferences while offering effective protection.

Equip yourself with the transformative power of Spray ‘n’ Seal – an uncomplicated yet highly efficient method of countering leaks and safeguarding your property. Keep a can within reach to be well-prepared for any unexpected situations that may arise.


  • Available Colours: Black, Clear

What’s Included:

  • Can of Spray ‘n’ Seal for immediate application