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Spiral Cleaning Brush

End Blocked Drainpipes Effortlessly!

  • Flexible metal spring design
  • Navigates siphon curves with ease
  • Environment-friendly: No chemicals
  • Comprehensive 1m length
  • Tackles incrustations and blockages


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Sku: H94167

The Ultimate Solution for Clearing Stubborn Drain Blockages!

Blocked drainpipes can be a homeowner’s nightmare, often leading to expensive repairs. Enter the Spiral Cleaning Brush, designed to tackle those hard-to-reach dirt spots that most brushes simply can’t manage. Its true prowess lies in its flexible metal spring design, allowing it to effortlessly navigate through the curves of any siphon.

Moreover, the environment will thank you as this brush operates completely chemical-free. It’s a win-win: achieve clean, free-flowing pipes and do your bit for Mother Earth. With its impressive length of 1 metre, this brush ensures that even the deepest of blockages are effectively dealt with, restoring your drain’s optimal flow.


  • Advanced Design: Built to navigate through siphon bends.
  • Eco-friendly: Clean without the use of harmful chemicals.
  • Long Reach: Ensures comprehensive cleaning with a 1m length.
  • Efficient Cleaning: Effortlessly removes dirt and blockages.


What’s Included: 1 x Spiral Cleaning Brush



  • Material: Flexible metal spring
  • Length: 1 metre
  • Use: Suitable for washbasins, bathtubs and similar drainpipes.