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Speedshaper – Super Deluxe

Get Toned and Firm in Just 7 Minutes a Day!

  • Utilizes isotonic and isometric exercise dynamics
  • Promotes muscle toning with Synometrics system
  • Compact and foldable design for portability
  • Fits into purses, handbags, or briefcases
  • Perfect exercise regime for busy lifestyles


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1 £7.99
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Sku: H00601

Achieve remarkable muscle toning with only 7 minutes a day using our Speed-Shaper!

Discover the efficiency of our Speed-Shaper, a revolutionary device that will trim, tone, and firm your muscles with just 7 minutes of use each day. Experience significant improvements in muscle tone and firmness, transforming your body with minimal effort and maximum results.

The Speed-Shaper is based on the tested dynamics of isotonic and isometric exercise. For achieving firm, toned muscles, it is essential to engage in both muscle contraction (isotonic) and lengthening (isometric) exercises. The Speed-Shaper harnesses the power of both principles, creating a unique Synometric system to promote effective muscle toning.

This ingenious design ensures the Speed-Shaper is compact and remarkably portable. Simply fold it and slip it into your purse, handbag, or briefcase, and you can take it everywhere you go. 

No matter how busy your lifestyle is, the Speed-Shaper fits seamlessly into your daily routine.

Say hello to a toned and sculpted body with our Speed-Shaper. Embrace the convenience of a 7-minute workout, making a significant impact on your fitness journey.

What’s included:

  • Speed-Shaper



  • Follow the recommended daily usage for optimal results.
  • Consult a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise routine.