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Sonic Mouse & Rat Repeller

Defend Your Home: Silent Yet Powerful Rodent Deterrent!

  • Ultrasound technology targets rodents
  • Over 100 decibels of changing frequencies
  • Safe for humans and most pets
  • Covers 37 square meters effectively
  • Designed for indoor usage


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Sku: H63558

Silent Guardian: Keep Rodents at Bay Without a Sound!

Introducing the Sonic Mouse and Rat Repeller – your steadfast shield against unwelcome rodent guests. Leveraging the power of advanced ultrasound technology, this device offers an innovative solution to keep your home free of mice and rats, without causing any disturbance to you or your pets.

Crafted to emit over 100 decibels of constantly changing ultrasound frequencies, the repeller speaks directly to the keen hearing of rodents, effectively deterring their presence. While these frequencies are audible and unsettling to mice and rats, they remain undetectable to humans, dogs, and cats, ensuring the comfort and safety of your household remains uncompromised.

Each unit is designed to cast a protective veil over an area spanning at least 37 square meters, creating a rodent-free zone. It’s a discreet, humane, and highly efficient solution tailored for indoor environments. No fuss, no mess, just a rodent-free home.


  • Advanced Ultrasound Tech: Targets rodent’s keen sense of hearing.
  • Human & Pet Safe: Unheard by humans, dogs, and cats.
  • Extensive Coverage: Effectively guards up to 37 square meters.
  • Humane Solution: No traps or chemicals involved.
  • Easy to Use: Just plug in and let it work its magic.



  • Output: Over 100 decibels of ultrasound
  • Effective Range: 37 square meters (400 square feet)
  • Usage: Indoor only
  • Frequency: Constantly changing frequencies targeting rodents


Ensure proper placement for optimal results. While effective against mice and rats, results can vary based on rodent species and infestation severity. Always complement with other preventive measures if required.