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Snow Grip Spray for Tyres


Enhance Winter Traction with Snow Grip Spray!

  • Specially Formulated Adhesive for Tyres
  • Improves Grip on Snow, Ice, and Sleet
  • Emergency Aid for Challenging Conditions
  • Safe for Vehicle and Driveways
  • Wear-Away Formula for Normal Road Use

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Sku: H66906

Stay Safe in Winter Weather with Snow Grip: Your Emergency Traction Solution!

Introducing Snow Grip, your go-to solution for enhanced grip on snowy, icy, and sleety roads. This specially formulated adhesive is designed to be applied to your vehicle’s tires, providing improved traction in poor weather conditions. It’s a valuable emergency aid, offering an extra layer of safety when you need it most.

Snow Grip is tailored for challenging conditions and is ideal for use on slippery, snow-covered roads. It offers temporary assistance until the tires regain contact with normal road surfaces. Rest assured, it’s safe for your vehicle’s tires, bodywork, and driveways. Plus, once the tires return to regular road conditions, Snow Grip will naturally wear away.

Prioritise safety during winter travel by keeping Snow Grip on hand. It’s a reliable tool to help you navigate through adverse weather conditions with confidence.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Snow Grip Spray Can


  • Usage: Designed for Tyres in Poor Weather Conditions
  • Application: Spray-On Formula
  • Safety: Will Not Damage Vehicle Tyres, Bodywork, or Driveways
  • Wear-Away: Naturally Wears Away on Normal Roads