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Sleep ZZZ 30 Capsules

Sleepz – Two Layers for Natural, Quality Sleep!

  • Dual-layer tablet for natural sleep
  • Melatonin signals the body to fall asleep
  • Second layer calms the body for restful sleep
  • Trio of plants with sedative and relaxing effects
  • Reduces reliance on chemical sleeping pills


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Sleepz – Embrace the Power of Two Layers for Natural and Quality Sleep!

Experience the beauty of natural and quality sleep with Sleepz, a dual-layer tablet designed to enhance your sleep cycle without addiction or side effects. In the first phase, melatonin signals to your brain that it’s time to fall asleep, addressing disruptions caused by stress and anxiety. 

The second layer promotes a restful night’s sleep, calming your entire body. A trio of plants, including Valerian, California Poppy, and White Hawthorn, selected for their sedative and relaxing effects, contributes to your overall well-being and deep sleep.

Say goodbye to the reliance on chemical sleeping pills, as Sleepz has been making waves in Germany and other European countries. Since its arrival, the consumption of chemical sleeping pills has seen a significant drop, thanks to Sleepz being the number 1 choice for users seeking natural and effective sleep solutions. Join the many satisfied users who have experienced the benefits of Sleepz for good natural health!

What’s Included:

  • Sleepz Dual-Layer Tablets


  • Natural Active Ingredients
  • Dual-Layer Tablet Design

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. Sleepz is formulated to provide natural sleep support, but it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional for personalised advice, especially if you have specific health conditions or concerns.