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Simply Up Adhesive Breast Supports


Secure Support for Backless Outfits

  • Ideal for Backless Tops and Dresses
  • Reliable, Even When Wet
  • Medical Grade Hypoallergenic Tape
  • Sturdy Support Band for Lift
  • Easy Application and Removal

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Confidence and Comfort in Backless Styles with Adhesive Breast Supports

When a traditional bra won’t do, our adhesive breast supports step in to provide the lift and security you need. Perfect for backless tops and dresses, they offer reliable support even in wet conditions, making them a versatile choice for swimsuits and bikinis. The supports are thoughtfully designed with a medical-grade hypoallergenic tape base, ensuring your skin stays irritation-free. The sturdy support band works in tandem to lift and secure your breasts, so you can step out in style with confidence.

Applying and removing these adhesive breast supports is a breeze, making them a convenient addition to your wardrobe. With their discreet beige collar, they blend seamlessly under various outfits, ensuring a natural and comfortable fit. Available in sizes A, B, and C, these supports cater to a range of bust sizes, so you can enjoy the freedom to wear your favourite backless styles without compromising on support.

Experience the freedom to wear your favourite backless outfits with confidence and comfort. Our adhesive breast supports are designed to enhance your natural shape, providing the lift and security you need for any occasion.

What’s Included:

  • One Pair of Adhesive Breast Supports


  • Colour: Beige
  • Bust Size Options: A, B, C
  • Material: Medical Grade Hypoallergenic Tape, Support Band