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Shoe Stretcher

Experience Comfortable Shoes Every Day!

  • Traditional cobbler-inspired design
  • Gently stretches shoes for comfort
  • Pine or red cedar material options
  • Pressure-point stretchers for foot conditions
  • Versatile for gents and ladies shoes/boots


Sku: H50818-FIG

Rediscover Shoe Comfort with Timeless Design!

Say goodbye to the discomfort of tight, pinching, and chafing shoes with these innovative shoe stretchers. Drawing inspiration from the time-honoured craftsmanship of a cobbler’s last, these shoe stretchers offer a permanent solution to your shoe fit woes. Crafted to perfection, they harness the natural flexibility of leather to gently expand your shoes, both in length and width, ensuring all-day comfort and relief.

Available in two premium materials, pine and red cedar, these shoe stretchers go beyond functionality. The red cedar option offers an extra layer of luxury as it naturally deodorises and absorbs moisture, ensuring your shoes stay fresh and comfortable.

Designed to alleviate the pain caused by bunions, corns, or hammer toes, these shoe stretchers feature pressure-point stretchers that provide targeted relief to specific foot conditions. No more sacrificing style for comfort – these stretchers offer the best of both worlds.

Whether you have left or right shoes or boots, these stretchers are suitable for all. Available in both gents and ladies sizes, they bring the magic of comfort and fit to your favourite footwear.

What’s Included:

  • Pair of Shoe Stretchers



  • Material Options: Pine or Red Cedar
  • Design: Traditional cobbler’s last-inspired design with pressure-point stretchers
  • Size: Suitable for gents and ladies shoes/boots