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Set of 2 Roller Blinds for Car

Roll, Shade, and Drive Comfortably!

  • Handy protection from direct sunlight
  • Easily secures with suction cups
  • Velcro strap for additional stability
  • Suitable for vehicle side windows
  • Maintains cooler interior ambiance


Sku: H66954

Drive Cooler and More Comfortably with Rolling Sun Blinds!

Driving in direct sunlight can often make your journey uncomfortable and glaring. These rolling sun blinds are precisely the accessory you need to ensure a cooler and glare-free ride. Each blind has been designed with convenience in mind, equipped with suction cups for a hassle-free attachment to the inside of your vehicle’s side window. For added stability, they also feature a Velcro strap, ensuring the blind remains firmly in place, providing consistent shading.

As you roll out these sun blinds, they not only protect the passengers from the sharp rays of the sun but also significantly help in keeping the inside of your vehicle cool, enhancing the overall driving experience. With the package containing a set of four, you’re ensured complete coverage for all side windows of your car.


  • Effective Sun Block: Designed to shield from direct sunlight
  • Easy Installation: Equipped with suction cups for quick setup
  • Secure Placement: Velcro straps offer added blind stability
  • Versatile Usage: Perfect for all standard vehicle side windows
  • Compact Storage: Easily rolls back when not in use


What’s Included:

  • 4 Pairs of Rolling Sun Blinds
  • Suction Cups & Velcro Straps for Installation



  • Material: Sun-blocking fabric
  • Dimensions: Approx. 45cm x 54cm
  • Suitable For: Vehicle side windows


For best results, ensure that the window surface is clean and free from dirt before attaching the sun blinds. While they provide effective shading, they may not block out UV rays completely; additional UV protection measures may be necessary for extended sun exposure.