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Safety Step Ladder

GENIUS® Safety Ladder: Support, Stability, and Confidence

  • Front and side safety rails for extra support
  • Oversized non-slip rubber trim steps
  • Extra-high front safety rail for leaning
  • Practical for various tasks around the home
  • Available in 3-step and 4-step options


Sku: H65870-FIG

Introducing the GENIUS® Safety Ladder: Your Ultimate Partner in Safety, Support, and Confidence.

Upgrade your home’s safety and versatility with the remarkable GENIUS® Safety Ladder. This ladder is designed to provide not only support and stability but also the confidence you need to tackle various tasks around the house. From indoor decorating to outdoor window cleaning, and even garden pruning, this ladder is your trusty companion for all your essential chores.

What sets the GENIUS® Safety Ladder apart is its comprehensive safety features. Equipped with both front and side safety rails, this ladder ensures reassuring extra support and stability, allowing you to work with peace of mind. The oversized steps, measuring 38x26cm (15”x10”), are enhanced with non-slip rubber trim to prevent slips and provide a secure footing. Moreover, the ladder boasts an extra-high front safety rail, extending up to 61cm (2ft) above the top step. This front rail offers a secure grip and a stable surface for leaning or holding onto while working at height.

Choose the GENIUS® Safety Ladder that fits your needs: the 3-step option with a height of 73cm (2.4ft) and a total height including safety rails of 135cm (4.42ft) (H65152), or the 4-step version with a height of 96cm (3.1ft) and a total height including safety rails of 159cm (5.2ft) (H65033). Both options are designed to accommodate various tasks and environments.

Constructed with quality and safety in mind, the GENIUS® Safety Ladder offers peace of mind with its maximum user weight capacity of 150kg (23.5st). This ladder is not just a tool; it’s a reliable partner that empowers you to complete your household tasks efficiently and safely.


What’s Included:

  • GENIUS® Safety Ladder (selected size)



  • Available Sizes: 3-step, 4-step
  • Dimensions (3-step): Height – 73cm (2.4ft), Total height with safety rails – 135cm (4.42ft)
  • Dimensions (4-step): Height – 96cm (3.1ft), Total height with safety rails – 159cm (5.2ft)
  • Ladder Weight (3-step): 9.8kg
  • Ladder Weight (4-step): 12kg
  • Maximum User Weight: 150kg (23.5st)