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Safety Grip Handle

Enhanced Safety and Grip in Every Step!

  • Powerful suction cups
  • No-fixing, easy attachment
  • Versatile use in bathroom
  • Instantly locks onto bathtub or shower wall
  • Reliable support for various activities


Sku: H64530

Elevate Safety and Accessibility with the Triple Safety Grip Handle!

Experience newfound confidence and security in your daily routines with the Triple Safety Grip Handle. Whether you’re stepping into the bathtub, showering, or using the toilet, this handle provides a powerful grip and added support. 

Thanks to its advanced suction cup technology, the handle instantly locks onto the side of your bathtub or shower wall, offering a reliable anchor to hold onto. This ensures a firm hold and extra security as you move in and out of the bath or handle other bathroom tasks.

The unique feature of the Triple Safety Grip Handle is its easy installation – no need for any fixings or tools. Anyone can quickly and conveniently attach the handle without the hassle of drilling or complicated setups. Its versatile design makes it suitable for various uses, ensuring you have the support you need, precisely where you need it.


  • Suction Cup Diameter: 9cm
  • Distance from Base to Top: 9cm
  • Length: 49cm


What’s Included:

  • Triple Safety Grip Handle


Elevate your daily routines with this reliable grip handle and enjoy increased safety and confidence in your bathroom activities. Experience the convenience of secure attachment without any complicated installations. Upgrade your bathroom experience today with the Triple Safety Grip Handle.