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Rose of Jericho


Ancient Symbol for Luck, Love, Long Life

  • Native to extremely dry regions
  • Revives and grows when moistened
  • Transforms from greyish ball to lively green
  • Acts as a natural air-conditioner
  • Infinite revival capability

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Witness Nature’s Resilient Miracle

The Rose of Jericho is not just a plant; it’s a testament to nature’s resilience and wonder. Predominantly found in arid regions, its ability to survive and revive has made it a symbol of luck, love, and longevity. In its desiccated state, it appears as a dormant green-greyish ball, seemingly lifeless and unremarkable.

However, the magic unfolds when it comes in contact with water. Simply place it in a bowl, and watch as it transforms, uncurling and changing to a vibrant green hue. This revival isn’t a one-time event; the Rose of Jericho can undergo this miraculous transformation time and time again.

Apart from its captivating revival, the Rose of Jericho also serves a functional purpose. When hydrated, it acts as a natural air purifier and smoke absorber, promoting a refreshing and positive atmosphere in your home.


  • Originates from arid regions.
  • Dormant state can be sustained for extended periods.
  • Revives to a lush green when hydrated.
  • Natural air-purifying properties when wet.
  • Can be revived countless times, offering endless fascination.


What’s Included:

  • 1 Rose of Jericho plant.
  • Care instructions and historical background.