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Reflective Car Door Guards

Guard, Reflect, and Protect Your Car!

  • Effective against knocks and scrapes
  • Built-in night visibility reflectors
  • Set of 4 versatile guards
  • Easily trimmable for a custom fit
  • Quick and straightforward installation


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Sku: SASC131089

Car Door Guards: Your Vehicle’s Defence Against Scratches and Night Hazards!

Nobody enjoys discovering fresh scratches on their beloved car, especially when it’s due to careless drivers or tight parking spaces. Our plastic door guards not only act as a shield against these unfortunate knocks and scrapes, but they also come with an added advantage – built-in reflectors. These reflectors are designed to enhance your vehicle’s visibility during the night, ensuring additional safety.

This set comprises 4 versatile door guards, offering protection for every door of your car. What’s more, if you’re concerned about getting the perfect fit, these guards are easily trimmable to match the exact size of your doors. With an uncomplicated installation process, you can effortlessly equip your vehicle with these protective guards. Say goodbye to the anxiety of potential scratches and expensive bodywork repairs with this straightforward solution.


  • Robust Protection: Guards against door-related dings and scratches
  • Enhanced Visibility: Integrated reflectors increase nighttime safety
  • Custom Fit: Trimmable design for an optimal fit
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Set of 4 covers all car doors
  • User-Friendly: Designed for easy installation


What’s Included:

  • 4 Plastic Door Guards with built-in reflectors
  • Installation Instructions



  • Material: Durable Plastic with Reflective Elements
  • Quantity: Set of 4
  • Trimmability: Customizable to fit door sizes
  • Installation: Adhesive-backed for easy application


While these door guards provide effective protection against minor knocks and scrapes, they may not prevent damage from significant impacts. Ensure proper installation as per provided instructions for optimal results.