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Radio Controlled Alarm Clock

Time Precision: Clock That Adjusts Itself!

  • Auto-adjusts for British Summer and Winter time.
  • Receives the official British standard frequency.
  • Coverage up to 1448km from the National Physical Laboratories.
  • Clear analogue face with glow-in-the-dark hands.
  • LCD display for date and temperature.
  • Built-in back light, crescendo alarm and snooze function.


Sku: H64733

Experience Timekeeping Excellence: The Clock that Aligns with the National Standard, No Adjustments Needed.

Stay in sync with time’s ebb and flow with the Radio Controlled Clock, a sophisticated blend of precision and convenience. Designed to adjust itself automatically for British Summer and Winter time, it ensures you’re never caught off guard by the seasonal time shifts.

The clock’s prowess lies in its ability to pick up the official British standard frequency time signal. Controlled by the esteemed National Physical Laboratories in Cumbria, this signal provides unmatched accuracy over a vast radius of 1448km, making it reliable even if you’re almost 900 miles away.

With its clear analogue face, this clock is a breeze to read, especially with the glow-in-the-dark hands that add to its usability during nighttime. The LCD digital display not only shows the date but also keeps you informed about the room temperature. Whether you need to light up the display or require an alarm to start your day, the back light and crescendo alarm functions are at your service. And for those days when you need those extra few minutes of rest, the snooze button is a handy feature.

Measuring a compact 11x11x5cm and bathed in a sleek silver hue, this clock is as stylish as it is functional. Just pop in a single AA battery (not included), and let the clock handle the rest.


  • Automatic Time Adjustments: No manual changes for British Summer or Winter time.
  • National Frequency Reception: Clock aligns with the time signal from National Physical Laboratories.
  • Night-time Usability: Glow-in-the-dark hands make it easy to read in low light.
  • Digital LCD Display: Shows both date and temperature.
  • User-Friendly Functions: Back light, crescendo alarm, and snooze for a versatile timekeeping experience.


Elevate your timekeeping experience with the Radio Controlled Clock – where precision meets effortless design.