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Nest of 3 Mitre Tables

Compact, Stylish, Space-Saving!

  • Compact design fits any corner
  • Ideal for drinks, books, magazines
  • Space-saving nested structure
  • Attractive yet functional
  • Three tables for versatile use


Sku: H64480-FIG

Elegance meets function in every corner

Every modern home seeks the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. This nest of 3 Mitre Tables exemplifies just that. With its sleek design, it not only enhances the beauty of any room but also ensures that space is utilised efficiently. Tucked neatly into a corner when not needed, it springs into action when you require a spot for your drinks, books, or that latest magazine you’re diving into. Its versatile nature means you can spread them out for more coverage or nest them together for compactness. A perfect blend of style and practicality, these tables are sure to be a valuable addition to your living space.


  • Nested design for easy storage
  • Multipurpose use across three tables
  • Compact design to fit tight spaces
  • Sturdy build for durability
  • Contemporary look for modern homes


What’s Included:

  • 1 Large Mitre Table
  • 1 Medium Mitre Table
  • 1 Small Mitre Table