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Nano Windscreen Protection

Drive Clearly, Rain or Shine with NANO!

  • Efficient raindrop repulsion
  • Extends windscreen cleanliness
  • Simplifies insect and dirt removal
  • Complete set for thorough protection
  • Quality made in Germany


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Sku: H94164

Experience Unmatched Clarity: NANO Windscreen Protection – Germany’s Finest.

Navigating through heavy rain or at night can often become a challenge due to obscured vision. NANO windscreen protection revolutionises your driving experience, offering an unparalleled clear view, irrespective of the weather conditions. This state-of-the-art solution ensures that raindrops simply bead up and are effortlessly blown away, making wipers more efficient and driving safer.

Beyond its rain repulsion properties, the windscreen stays cleaner for more extended periods, meaning fewer stops to clean up. Those pesky insects that often stick to the screen? With NANO, they, along with dirt and even ice, can be removed with minimal effort. The set comprises a dedicated cleaner, sealing fluid, and a cloth, ensuring that your windscreen gets a comprehensive treatment. Proudly crafted in Germany, the quality and efficiency of NANO windscreen protection are second to none.


  • Advanced Raindrop Repulsion: Enhances driving safety
  • Long-lasting Cleanliness: Reduces frequent cleaning needs
  • Hassle-free Maintenance: Effortless insect, ice, and dirt removal
  • Comprehensive Set: Ensures thorough windscreen care
  • German Quality: Superior formulation for best results


What’s Included:

  • 125 ml NANO Cleaner
  • 50 ml NANO Sealing Fluid
  • 1 Application Cloth



  • Origin: Made in Germany
  • Cleaner Volume: 125 ml
  • Sealing Fluid Volume: 50 ml
  • Applicator: Cloth included


For optimal results, follow the application instructions carefully. Ensure the windscreen is thoroughly cleaned before applying the sealing fluid. The performance may vary based on external conditions and application. Always store the products in a cool, dry place.