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Mini USB Fan with Ice Cooler & Aroma Diffuser

Your Portable Oasis of Comfort

  • Freezable Packs for Instant Cooling
  • 3 Adjustable Speeds
  • Ambient LED Lighting
  • Aromatherapy Option
  • Compact & Portable


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1 £39.99
2+ 12.5 % £34.99
Sku: H94244

Mini USB Fan with Ice Cooler & Aroma Diffuser: Redefining Personal Comfort, One Breeze at a Time

Introducing the Mini USB Fan with Ice Cooler & Aroma Diffuser, your perfect companion for immediate, personalised comfort. This compact unit is an ideal solution for personal spaces like office desks, bedside tables, or kitchen countertops. With its integrated freezable ice rings and a choice of three speed settings, this fan transforms warm air into a cool, refreshing breeze.

Not just a cooling solution, this fan comes equipped with LED mood lights in two colour options – red and blue. The incorporated aromatherapy box, equipped with a diffusion pad, allows you to disperse your favourite essential oils creating a tranquil environment tailored to your preference.

Featuring three speed settings, this fan caters to all your needs, whether you prefer a gentle breeze for peaceful sleep or a gust of cool air during the day. Lightweight and portable, this multipurpose fan is perfect for carrying with you wherever you go. It can accompany you in any room of your house or on adventures like camping trips or to the office.

What’s Included :

  • 1 x Air Cooler Unit
  • 1 x Power Cable to USB
  • 2 x Integrated Ice Packs
  • 1 x Aroma Diffusion Pad
  • 1 x Instruction Manual



  • Dimensions: 19 x 15 x 19 cm
  • Power: 10W
  • Weight: 1.06 kg