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Magna Clasp

Secure Your Jewelry in Style with Magnetic ClaspS

  • Super Strength Magnets for Unwavering Security
  • Available in Silver or Gold Tone
  • Includes Three-Inch Extender for Customization
  • Set Includes Four Magnetic Clasps and Two Extenders


Sku: H00263

Magnetic Jewelry Clasps – Where Security Meets Elegance

Elevate your jewelry game with our Magnetic Jewelry Clasps, the perfect fusion of style and security. These clasps boast super strength magnets that offer an unwavering grip, ensuring that even your heaviest necklaces stay securely in place. Say goodbye to the hassle of struggling with traditional clasps; our magnetic solution makes adorning your jewelry effortless.

Available in both silver and gold tones, these clasps seamlessly complement all your precious pieces. Whether you’re wearing silver or gold jewelry, you’ll find a matching magnetic clasp that blends in seamlessly with your collection.

But that’s not all – we go the extra mile by including a three-inch extender chain in each set. This extender allows you to add a little extra length to your necklaces or make your jewelry more comfortable around your neck. It’s all about customization and convenience.


  • Super strength magnets for secure clasping.
  • Available in silver or gold tone.
  • Each set includes four magnetic clasps (two gold tone and two silver tone) and two 3-inch extenders.

Never compromise on style or security when it comes to your jewelry. With our Magnetic Jewelry Clasps, you can trust that your necklaces will stay in place while you flaunt your style with confidence. Make your daily accessorizing a breeze and enjoy the elegance of these magnetic clasps.