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Lob Wedge Lovett Wedge

Redefining Precision: Escape Roughs with Ease

  • Unique face contour for easy exits
  • Prevents common short shot issues
  • Advanced leading edge design
  • Weighting ensures effortless swing
  • Consistent contact, no swing modification


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Elevate Your Golf Game: Master Rough and Sand Shots with The Lovett Wedge.

The Lovett Wedge isn’t just another golf club; it’s your ultimate solution to conquering the treacherous terrains of deep roughs and challenging sands. Designed with precision, the innovative contour of its face ensures every golfer can make a clean, hassle-free shot without the typical setbacks of traditional wedges.

Bid farewell to the dreaded shanks, skulls, flyers, or smothered shots. With the leading edge brilliantly curved ahead of the hosel, this wedge guarantees reduced drag and maintains the integrity of your clubface, no matter the impact surface. The game-changing feature? Strategic weight placement at the top centre. This innovative design propels the club through resistant surfaces like thick grass or tricky sand using just half the effort, ensuring a cleaner and more consistent contact.

With the Lovett Wedge in your arsenal, you don’t need to change your swing when faced with a tough lie. Harness the confidence to use your regular swing, and let the wedge do the magic. Elevate your game, master the most challenging shots, and watch your golfing prowess ascend to new heights.


  • Innovative face contour for versatile use
  • Eliminates common golfing mishaps like shanks and skulls
  • Curved leading edge for drag reduction
  • Top-centre weight positioning for effortless shots
  • Designed for regular swing use in all conditions


What’s Included:

  • One Lovett Wedge with precision-engineered design



  • Material: Premium grade metals
  • Design: Unique face contour with strategic weight placement
  • Usage: Suitable for roughs, sands, and general golf shots
  • Care: Regular cleaning for prolonged lifespan


Disclaimer: While the Lovett Wedge is designed to enhance your game and tackle challenging terrains, golfers are advised to practice and familiarize themselves with the club to achieve optimal results.