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Kenwood Kmix 4-slot Toaster

Flawless Toasting for Every Taste Bud.

  • Toasts various items to perfection
  • Timeless design for generations
  • 4-slot 1800W toaster for efficiency
  • Bagel, defrost, reheat, and cancel functions
  • Easy-to-clean with removable crumb trays
  • Adjustable browning control for consistent results
  • Preview function for convenience


Sku: JP1468-FIG

Elevate Your Toasting Experience with the Kenwood KMix 4-Slot Toaster.

Indulge in the art of toasting with the Kenwood KMix 4-Slot Toaster, designed to deliver impeccable results with every use. Whether it’s bread, muffins, waffles, bagels, or crumpets, this toaster ensures perfection, turning ordinary breakfasts into delightful experiences.

The beauty of the Kenwood KMix toaster extends beyond its functional excellence. Its timeless design ensures it will remain a cherished addition to your kitchen for generations to come. Not only does it elevate your toasting experience, but it also adds an element of sophistication to your culinary space.

Equipped with four slots and a robust 1800W motor, this toaster is as efficient as it is versatile. Toast up to four slices of bread simultaneously, saving you time and streamlining your breakfast routine.

Enhancing your convenience, the toaster features bagel, defrost, reheat, and cancel functions, catering to various toasting needs. The removable crumb trays make cleaning a breeze while preventing the buildup of burnt crumbs that can affect the taste of your toast.

Experience perfect toasting every time with the adjustable browning control, allowing you to set the desired temperature for consistent results. Additionally, the preview function lets you lift the toast to view its progress without cancelling the toasting cycle.


  • Toasts a variety of items to perfection.
  • Timeless design for enduring elegance.
  • 4-slot 1800W toaster for efficiency.
  • Bagel, defrost, reheat, and cancel functions.
  • Removable crumb trays for easy cleaning.
  • Adjustable browning control for consistent results.
  • Preview function for added convenience.

What’s Included:

  • 1x Kenwood KMix 4-Slot Toaster.


  • Slots: 4.
  • Wattage: 1800W.
  • Functions: Bagel, defrost, reheat, cancel.
  • Browning Control: Adjustable.
  • Design: Timeless elegance.
  • Colour: Neutral.