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Joan Lord Matthews – Secrets Of The Heart

Love Heals, Secrets Bind

  • Heir saved, midwife stays
  • Widower Garreth’s painful past
  • Ravenna’s love challenges shadows
  • Redemption or heartbreak awaits


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Sku: H60840

Healing Hearts, Unraveling Secrets

Ravenna Marisse, a dedicated midwife, unexpectedly finds herself thrust into the enigmatic world of Pembroke after saving its heir. The estate’s solemn and tormented widower, Garreth Pembroke, requests her stay to care for the child. But as Ravenna’s heart becomes entangled with Garreth, she realizes his heart is held captive by haunting secrets. Faced with the challenge of freeing him from his painful past, Ravenna must decide if love can truly heal, or if some secrets are too deep to overcome. Dive into a tale where love confronts the deepest mysteries of the heart.