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JML Steam Bee

Steam Bee: The Ultimate Chemical-Free Cleaning Buddy

  • Versatile, Chemical-Free Cleaning Solution
  • Suitable for Various Surfaces
  • Convenient and Portable Design
  • Reaches Tight and Awkward Spaces
  • Gentle Enough for Windows and Glass


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Sku: H66366

Achieve a Spotless Clean, Naturally and Effortlessly with Steam Bee

Introducing the Steam Bee, your ultimate partner for chemical-free cleaning. This powerful device is designed to rejuvenate a wide array of surfaces without the need for harsh chemicals. Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, alloy wheels, or even delicate glass surfaces, the Steam Bee is up for the task. Its easy-to-use and portable design ensures that no corner or tight space is left untouched.

Say goodbye to the hassle of scrubbing and the residue of chemical cleaners. The Steam Bee harnesses the natural power of steam to dissolve dirt and grime, leaving your surfaces sparkling clean and sanitised. Its versatility makes it a must-have for every household, offering an efficient and eco-friendly cleaning solution.


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What’s Included:

  • Steam Bee Cleaning Device
  • Insert Additional Accessories
  • User Manual