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Lloytron Energy Saver Halogen Bulbs


Instant Brightness, Lower Costs – Upgrade to Halogen Energy Savers

  • Instant Maximum Light Output
  • Compatible with Dimmer Switches
  • 30% Reduced Running Costs
  • Lasts 2000 Hours (Twice as Long as Incandescents)
  • Produces Bright White Light, No Mercury


Sku: LYB3450-fig

Experience Instant Brilliance with Halogen Energy Savers

Say goodbye to the slow warm-up of traditional bulbs and the uninspiring glow of CFLs. Introducing our Halogen Energy Savers – a brilliant combination of cost-efficiency and radiant lighting. Unlike CFLs, notorious for their delayed illumination and mercury content, or incandescents with their high energy consumption, these Halogen bulbs deliver instant, super-bright light without compromise.

Not only do they match the brightness of standard 60W or 100W incandescents, but they also outshine them in efficiency. These ‘Long Life’ bulbs boast a lifespan of 2000 hours, twice as long as traditional incandescents. Plus, they operate with 30% lower energy consumption, ensuring your pocket and the environment benefit from this upgrade.

Compatible with dimmer switches, these Halogen Energy Savers grant you full control over your lighting ambiance. Say farewell to the yellowish hue of CFLs – our bulbs emit a bright white light that transforms any space. Choose between Candle and Globe (bayonet) styles, with options of 42W (equivalent to 60W incandescent) and 70W (equivalent to 100W incandescent) to suit your preferences.

What’s Included:

  • Pack of Halogen Energy Savers (Select Quantity and Style)


  • Lifespan: 2000 Hours
  • Brightness: Equivalent to 60W or 100W Incandescent
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Light Colour: Bright White
  • Options: Candle (42W) or Globe (70W)