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Instant Defrosting Tray


Defrost Food Quickly and Safely – No Microwave or Stove Needed.

  • Healthy dinners without fast food
  • Fast and safe defrosting
  • Specially designed Instant Defrosting Tray
  • Large 13” x 9.5” Aluminium tray
  • Durable plastic tray to catch defrosting water
  • Handles for easy carrying

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Rediscover Healthy Dinners with the Instant Defrosting Tray.

Bid farewell to fast food and embrace the goodness of homemade healthy dinners every night. When it comes to defrosting meat, speed and safety are paramount to prevent harmful bacteria growth. Introducing the specially crafted Instant Defrosting Tray, your solution for quick and safe defrosting without the need for a microwave or stove.

Measuring a generous 13” x 9.5”, the Aluminium defrosting tray is primed to handle your defrosting needs efficiently. Nestled within a durable plastic tray, designed to capture the defrosting water, it keeps your countertop clean and hassle-free. The convenience of handles allows you to effortlessly move the tray from refrigerator to countertop to sink, streamlining the defrosting process.

Designed with your well-being in mind, this Instant Defrosting Tray ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of a home-cooked meal after a long day at work. Bid adieu to fast food and revel in the joy of preparing healthy dinners without the microwave or stove.


  • Promotes healthy dinners over fast food.
  • Ensures fast and safe defrosting.
  • Specially crafted Instant Defrosting Tray.
  • Large 13” x 9.5” Aluminium tray.
  • Durable plastic tray captures defrosting water.
  • Convenient handles for easy carrying.


What’s Included:

  • 1x Instant Defrosting Tray.



  • Tray Dimensions: 13” x 9.5”.
  • Material: Aluminium tray, durable plastic tray.
  • Design: Functional and efficient.
  • Colour: Neutral.