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Handy Grasp Handle with Suction Cups 45cm

Enhance Safety and Confidence with Handy Grasp!

  • Versatile and strong grab handle
  • No screws or tools needed
  • Ideal for home and travel use
  • Secure on various surfaces
  • Instant attachment and detachment


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Sku: H66942

Discover the Revolutionary Handy Grasp: Your Ultimate Grab Handle Solution!

Introducing Handy Grasp, the groundbreaking grab handle that transforms the way you experience balance, security, and confidence. This versatile grab handle offers an innovative solution that can be placed virtually anywhere you need it. Say goodbye to the hassle of screws and tools – Handy Grasp is designed for easy installation and quick detachment, all without compromising on strength.

Imagine having the freedom to choose from hundreds of locations for this revolutionary grab handle. Whether you’re at home or traveling, Handy Grasp provides unparalleled convenience and peace of mind. Fix it securely on the edge of your bathtub, shower, beside your bed, or even next to your favourite chair. Wherever you need that extra support, Handy Grasp is there to offer stability and reassurance.

Designed for ultimate strength and durability, Handy Grasp boasts an incredibly strong grip that can be mounted on various smooth, flat surfaces, including tile, porcelain, metal, and glass. The secret lies in its innovative locking mechanism – a quick attachment and detachment process that instantly secures the grab handle in place.

Whether you’re stepping into the shower, getting out of bed, or simply need a little extra help with balance, Handy Grasp is your reliable companion. Its user-friendly design ensures effortless installation and removal, making it an ideal option for both permanent fixtures and temporary assistance during travel.

With Handy Grasp, you no longer have to compromise your safety or limit your mobility. Experience the transformational power of this revolutionary grab handle that brings confidence, stability, and security to your everyday life.


  • Versatile grab handle
  • No-screws, no-tools installation
  • Suitable for various surfaces
  • Instant locking mechanism

What’s Included:

  • Handy Grasp grab handle for versatile use