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Plant Halos (Set of 3)

Enhance Crop Growth with Ingenious Grow Pots for Vegetables

  • Set of 3 Grow Pots for Tomatoes, Peppers, and Beans
  • Compatible with Plant Pots, Raised Beds, and Traditional Plots
  • Inner Pot Creates Deep Planting Area for Grow Bags
  • ‘Moat’ Outer Pot with Watering Spikes for Efficient Watering
  • Additional Features: Anchor Slots, Recycled UV Stabilised Plastic, Green Colour


Sku: GRG167G

Optimise Your Vegetable Gardening with Grow Pots for Rapid and Flourishing Crops

Experience the ease of cultivating your own vegetables while achieving quicker and lusher tomato, pepper, and bean crops through our innovative Grow Pots. Sold in sets of 3, these grow pots present a smart solution to enhance your vegetable gardening results.

Designed for versatile use, these grow pots seamlessly integrate with plant pots, raised beds, and traditional vegetable plots. The inner pot of each unit establishes a deep planting area, offering exceptional utility when paired with grow bags. This configuration creates a profound planting zone that promotes robust growth.

The genius lies in the outer 3.1L ‘moat’ of the grow pot, which features 2.8cm watering spikes. These spikes penetrate deep below the surface, delivering water directly to the roots at a gradual pace. This ensures optimal absorption and minimises water wastage, fostering an environment conducive to thriving plants.

Additional features further enhance your gardening experience. The grow pots are equipped with 3 anchor slots for a cane support system, along with a cane grip cap. Crafted from recycled UV stabilised plastic, these pots are not only durable but also environmentally conscious. The green colour harmonies with your garden aesthetic while symbolising growth and vitality.

What’s Included:

  • Set of 3 Grow Pots


  • Compatibility: Plant pots, raised beds, traditional plots
  • Inner Pot: Deep planting area for grow bags
  • Outer Pot: ‘Moat’ with 2.8cm watering spikes
  • Additional Features: Anchor slots, recycled UV stabilised plastic, green colour