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Gel Heel Cups

Relieve Foot Discomfort with Ultimate Comfort Cushions!

  • Soothe corns, calluses, and more
  • Absorb shocks and reduce friction
  • Contours to support your feet
  • Discreet and suitable for everyday wear
  • Provides shock absorption for heels


Sku: H64074-FIG

Experience Unmatched Comfort and Relief with Ultimate Comfort Cushions!

When you’re dealing with foot discomfort, whether it’s corns, calluses, spurs, toe cramps, or simply sore and aching feet, finding relief is essential. Introducing Ultimate Comfort Cushions, your solution for addressing a range of foot issues. These cushions offer a multitude of benefits, from absorbing shocks to relieving pressure and reducing friction, ensuring your feet feel better with every step.

The flexible moulding of these cushions adapts to your foot’s shape, providing tailored support that alleviates metatarsal pain and burning sensations. Say goodbye to the misery of foot discomfort as these cushions contour to your foot, effectively supporting your weight and providing a cushioned buffer.

Designed for practicality, these cushions are discreet and fit seamlessly into your everyday footwear. Slide them in, and you’ll experience immediate relief and comfort as they work their magic, allowing you to go about your day without the constant discomfort.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Ultimate Comfort Cushions also offer shock absorption specifically for your heels, enhancing your overall walking experience and minimising the impact on your feet.



  • Flexible moulding
  • Suitable for everyday footwear


What’s Included:

  • Set of Ultimate Comfort Cushions