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Gel Ankle Socks

Revitalise Your Feet with Plantar Fasciitis Relief

  • Targeted Plantar Fasciitis Relief
  • Alleviates Achilles Tendon Discomfort
  • Effective for Various Foot Conditions
  • Odour-Free and Comfortable Design
  • Soothes Feet While You Rest


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Sku: EL5870

Experience Lasting Comfort and Relief from Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Discomfort

The Plantar Fascia, a vital collagen connective tissue, extends from your heel to the base of your toes. When it comes to foot discomfort, especially related to conditions like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, stress fractures, or edema, finding relief is crucial. That’s where our Plantar Fasciitis Relief steps in. It’s designed to target these issues, providing a soothing touch that lasts, even while you rest or sleep.

In addition to addressing specific foot conditions, this innovative solution also offers anti-odour and anti-static properties. This means you can wear it with confidence, staying dry and comfortable even during extended use. Say goodbye to the discomfort that comes with various foot conditions, and embrace a more relaxed, pain-free lifestyle.

This Foot Massager is a multi-functional tool in your journey towards healthier, happier feet. It’s not limited to plantar fasciitis relief; it also helps with metatarsal pain, heel spurs, and general foot aches. Whether you’re dealing with a specific condition or just need some foot pampering, this massager has got you covered.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Pair of Plantar Fasciitis Relief Sleeves


  • Material: High-Quality Collagen-based Fabric
  • Size: One Size Fits Most