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Furniture Sliders

Glide Your Furniture with Ease

  • Suitable for all large household/office items
  • Effective on carpets, tiles, and wood floors
  • Pack includes 4 large and 4 small sliders
  • No adhesive needed, foam secured
  • Effortless push or pull sliding


Sku: H66930

Slide, Relocate, and Rearrange Furniture with Unparalleled Ease

Furniture Sliders are a revolutionary solution to the age-old problem of moving bulky furniture. Whether it’s a bed, fridge, or a piano, shifting them can be a back-breaking task. But not anymore. With these sliders, you can effortlessly manoeuvre almost any item across a range of floor types, be it carpet, tile, or wood.

The secret lies in the design. Rounded edges guide the slides, ensuring a smooth journey across the floor, while the smooth base ensures your floors remain scratch-free. The thick foam means no adhesive is needed, securely moulding to any furniture type or object placed upon it.

Gone are the days when you had to call for help to move a piece of furniture. With the Furniture Sliders, you can do it yourself. Uplift a corner, slip in a slider, and watch as you glide your furniture effortlessly to its new location. The added bonus? Now cleaning those hard-to-reach spots behind your bulky furniture is a breeze!


  • Versatile use for various furniture types
  • Protective rounded base to shield floors
  • Dual-size pack caters to different furniture sizes
  • Thick foam ensures stability without adhesive
  • Simplifies furniture rearrangement and cleaning tasks


What’s Included:

  • 4 large sliders (18cm)
  • 4 small sliders (9cm)



  • Material: Foam and durable plastic
  • Large slider diameter: 18cm
  • Small slider diameter: 9cm
  • Suitable for: Carpets, tiles, wooden floors