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Fire Balm

Fire Balm – Instant Relief with Natural Ingredients

  • Essential Oils and Active Ingredients
  • Red Caviar for Collagen and Protein Boost
  • Nori, Wakame, Seaweed, and Rice for Skin Regeneration
  • Ideal After Physical Activity


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Fire Balm – Your Instant Relief with the Power of Nature

Discover the soothing power of Fire Balm, a specially crafted balm enriched with essential oils and active ingredients that offer immediate relief for your body. What sets Fire Balm apart is its unique blend of natural elements, including red caviar, Nori, Wakame, seaweed, and rice, all harnessed to enhance your skin’s well-being.

Red caviar takes center stage in Fire Balm, known for its remarkable ability to stimulate fibroblast proliferation and collagen production. Rich in protein and omega-3, red caviar rejuvenates your skin, promoting a youthful and radiant appearance.

The combination of Nori, Wakame, seaweed, and rice creates a synergy that works wonders for your skin. These ingredients excel at regenerating, moisturizing, and conditioning, thanks to their film-forming action. This balm is the perfect companion for your post-physical activity routine, whether it’s after a workout or any time of day, on clean, dry skin.


  • Contains essential oils and active ingredients.
  • Red caviar stimulates collagen and protein production.
  • Nori, Wakame, seaweed, and rice regenerate and condition the skin.
  • Ideal for use after physical activity on clean, dry skin.

Experience the instant relief that nature’s ingredients can provide. Fire Balm is your go-to solution for soothing your body and promoting skin health. Embrace the revitalizing power of red caviar, seaweed, and more in this remarkable balm. Elevate your post-activity routine and pamper your skin with Fire Balm’s natural goodness.