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Figuretta Easy-Ped


Figuretta Easy Ped Callus Remover – Smooth, Supple Feet in Minutes

  • Say Goodbye to Rough, Hard Skin and Calluses
  • Smoothly and Safely Removes Unwanted Skin
  • Includes 4 Special Foot-Smoothing Pads

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Sku: H64394

Figuretta Easy Ped Callus Remover – Your Solution to Smooth, Supple Feet in Minutes

Are rough, hard skin and calluses on your feet causing discomfort and embarrassment? Look no further than the Figuretta Easy Ped Callus Remover—a simple yet effective solution that will transform your feet, leaving them smooth and supple in just minutes.

The Easy Ped is designed to smoothly and safely remove hard skin and calluses, restoring your feet to their natural beauty. Its innovative design ensures that the unwanted skin is collected in the device’s base for effortless cleaning and disposal. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with messy skin shavings.

To enhance your foot care routine, we’ve included 4 special foot-smoothing pads with the Easy Ped. These pads are specifically designed to help you achieve the soft, healthy feet you desire.


  • Effortlessly removes rough, hard skin, and calluses.
  • Safely and smoothly restores the natural suppleness of your feet.
  • Collects unwanted skin for easy disposal.
  • Includes 4 special foot-smoothing pads.

Experience the joy of having smooth, supple feet without the discomfort of rough skin and calluses. The Figuretta Easy Ped Callus Remover is your trusted partner for efficient foot care. Embrace the simplicity of achieving beautiful feet in just minutes. Say hello to confidence and comfort with the Easy Ped by your side.