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Expanding Wooden Fence


Elegant Freestanding Fence: Indoor and Outdoor Versatility

  • Stylish freestanding fencing for indoor and outdoor use
  • Ideal as a garden divider or pet gate
  • Provides privacy and screens off unsightly areas
  • Durable solid wood construction
  • Adjustable width: 30cm to 190cm (1ft to 6.2ft)

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Sku: H93892

Elevate Your Space with the Versatile Freestanding Fencing Unit

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with the Freestanding Fencing Unit, a versatile solution for both indoor and outdoor needs. Crafted to enhance your surroundings, this fencing unit serves as an elegant garden divider, privacy screen, and a reliable pet gate. Whether used outdoors to shield unsightly areas or indoors to create barriers, this unit is designed to seamlessly fit various scenarios.

Outdoors, let your creativity flourish as you utilise this freestanding fence to partition your garden, safeguard newly planted sections, or elegantly conceal wheelie bins and composters. Its solid wood construction ensures durability and a touch of rustic charm. Weather-proof, varnish, or leave it in its natural state to match your outdoor aesthetics.

Indoors, transform this fencing unit into a pet gate or barrier to maintain boundaries and keep pets or young children safe. Across doorways or stairs, it acts as an efficient divider, combining functionality with a sleek design that complements your interior decor.

Standing at an impressive 90cm high, this fencing unit is built to meet your needs while enhancing your surroundings. Its adjustable width, spanning from 30cm to 190cm (1ft to 6.2ft), ensures versatility in fitting various spaces. Embrace the adaptability of the Freestanding Fencing Unit and elevate your environment with its multipurpose elegance.


  • Elegant Freestanding Fencing Unit
  • Solid Wood Construction
  • Adjustable Width: 30cm to 190cm (1ft to 6.2ft)
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Ideal for Garden Dividing, Privacy, and Pet Containment

What’s Included:

  • Freestanding Fencing Unit (Wooden, Natural Finish)