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Ex-Hair Caring Skin Gel 100ml

Ex-Hair Caring Skin Gel – Soothing Post-Shave Relief

  • 100ml of Skin Soothing Gel
  • Perfect After Hair Removal
  • Softens and Nourishes Skin


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Sku: H93762

Ex-Hair Caring Skin Gel – Your Ultimate Post-Shave Comfort

Experience the ultimate in post-shave comfort with our Ex-Hair Caring Skin Gel, a soothing solution that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. This 100ml wonder is specifically designed to provide relief and nourishment after hair removal.

For optimal results, simply apply our “hair-away Nourishing Gel” during the hair removal process. Then, follow up with the Ex-Hair Caring Skin Gel to seal the deal. This special combination works in harmony to ensure your skin enjoys the care it deserves.

Our unique formula is enriched with special moisturizing ingredients that work their magic, leaving your skin soft, supple, and free from irritation. Say goodbye to post-shave discomfort and hello to the soothing embrace of Ex-Hair Caring Skin Gel.

Make every shaving experience a pleasure, knowing that your skin will be pampered and refreshed. Embrace the sensation of soft and nourished skin, courtesy of Ex-Hair Caring Skin Gel.

Please note that while our gel is a valuable addition to your post-shave routine, it is not a substitute for skincare products specifically tailored to your unique skin needs. Enjoy the soothing relief, and continue to care for your skin in the way that suits you best.


  • 100ml of skin-soothing gel.
  • Designed for use after hair removal.
  • Enriched with special moisturizing ingredients.
  • Provides relief from post-shave discomfort.
  • Ensure soft and supple skin with Ex-Hair Caring Skin Gel.