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Eggsterminator Pack of 4

Ecoegg Eggsterminator: Your Scratch-Free Cleaning Hero!

  • Unique ‘Flex-Tech’ Material
  • Adjusts Texture with Temperature
  • Tough on Grime, Gentle in the Shower
  • Chemical-Free Cleaning with Tap Water
  • Guaranteed Scratch-Free


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Sku: H65887

Meet Your New Cleaning Hero: Ecoegg’s Eggsterminator!

The Ecoegg Eggsterminator is more than just a cleaning tool; it’s a superhero for your home. Crafted from a unique ‘flex-tech’ material, it adapts its texture based on temperature. In cold water, it stands firm to tackle tough grime, while in warm water, it transforms into a gentle exfoliator, perfect for the shower. With the power of tap water, it delivers formidable cleaning without the need for harsh chemicals. 

And here’s the best part – it’s tough on dirt but guaranteed not to scratch your surfaces.

Say goodbye to chemical-laden cleaning products and welcome this versatile cleaning hero into your home. Whether you’re facing stubborn stains or simply need a refreshing exfoliation, the Eggsterminator has got you covered. It’s a revolutionary approach to cleaning that’s both effective and eco-friendly.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Ecoegg Eggsterminator


  • Material: Unique ‘Flex-Tech’
  • Texture Adjustment: Temperature-Dependent
  • Cleaning Power: Tap Water-Based
  • Surface Protection: Guaranteed Scratch-Free