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Duo-Trim – 9ft 2” Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

Eckman Duo-Trim: The Ultimate Hedge Trimmer for Every Task!

  • Two hedge trimmers in one
  • Suitable for hedges of all sizes and heights
  • Angle-adjustable trimmer head
  • Razor-sharp reciprocating blades
  • Standard and telescopic handles for versatility



Eckman Duo-Trim: Your All-in-One Solution for Hedge Trimming Excellence!

Introducing the revolutionary Eckman Duo-Trim – a hedge trimming powerhouse that’s not just one, but two hedge trimmers combined in a single versatile tool. Say goodbye to the challenges of trimming hedges of various shapes, sizes, and heights – the Duo-Trim is here to make your hedge maintenance a breeze.

Designed to accommodate every hedge trimming need, the Duo-Trim is an essential addition to your gardening arsenal. With a mains-powered 500W angle-adjustable trimmer head, armed with extra-long 201⁄2” (52cm) razor-sharp reciprocating blades, it effortlessly slices through stems up to 1⁄2” in diameter at a swift 1600rpm.

When you need a ‘standard’ hedge trimmer for your everyday tasks, attach the short-reach handle for impeccable results on normal-sized hedges, bushes, shrubs, and even delicate topiary work.

But that’s not all – the Eckman Duo-Trim’s innovation truly shines when you swap to the lightweight telescopic aluminium handle. Adjusting from 7ft 9” (2.37m) to 8ft 11” (2.72m), this handle lets you conquer even the tallest hedges with precision and ease.

Experience the freedom of effortless hedge trimming with the Eckman Duo-Trim. It’s not just a tool; it’s your solution to achieving hedge trimming excellence with every use.


  • Two hedge trimmers in one
  • 500W mains-powered angle-adjustable trimmer head
  • 201⁄2” (52cm) razor-sharp reciprocating blades
  • Telescopic aluminium handle (adjustable from 7ft 9” (2.37m) – 8ft 11” (2.72m))

Elevate your hedge trimming game with the Eckman Duo-Trim – the ultimate tool for tackling hedges of all shapes, sizes, and heights, all in one compact and efficient package.