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Dog Seat Covers for Cars

Complete Car Comfort for Canine Companions.

  • Check-in window for pet’s peace
  • Extra seatbelt for secure travels
  • Handy storage bag for pet essentials
  • Easy-access side flaps & zipper design
  • Robust waterproof & anti-slip construction


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Sku: H66767

Travel Together: Innovative Car Solutions for You and Your Furry Friend.

Introducing the ultimate travel solution for dog lovers on the go. Our Dog Viewing Window not only strengthens the bond between you and your pet but also ensures safety, allowing you to check on each other anytime during the drive. Navigating the car environment is made easier for your dog, thanks to the unique side flaps and zipper design, making entry and exit a breeze while protecting your car doors from potential scratches.

Beyond just safety, the product offers unmatched utility. From the extra seatbelt ensuring a secure ride for your pet to the added storage bag, your pet’s essentials are right within reach. No more clutter, as toys, food, and leashes now have a dedicated space, ensuring a tidy car interior.

Crafted with premium-grade waterproof polyester, this car seat cover is both stylish and functional. Not only does it resist potential damage from dog nails and wet paws, but its comprehensive anti-slip features, ranging from snap buckles, textured surface to seat anchors, guarantee that your pet enjoys a steady and safe journey every time.


  • Pet Visibility: Unique dog viewing window
  • Enhanced Safety: Extra seatbelt and anti-slip features
  • Maximum Utility: Storage bag for pet’s essentials
  • Versatile Use: Zipper design for varied seating options
  • Superior Material: Heavy-duty waterproof polyester


What’s Included:

  • 1 Pet Car Seat Cover with Viewing Window
  • 1 Extra Seatbelt
  • 1 Storage Bag
  • User Guide



  • Material: Heavy-duty waterproof polyester
  • Design: Side flaps with zipper
  • Anti-slip Features: Snap buckles, textured oxford surface, PVC backing, seat anchors


For maximum safety and comfort, please ensure that the car seat cover is installed as per the instructions provided. Always check the seatbelt’s fit and keep the viewing window clear. While the cover is designed to resist wear and tear, pets should be monitored to prevent potential damage.