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Deluxe Foam Filled Dog Bed

Ultimate Comfort in Every Snooze!

  • High-density foam filling
  • Ultra-soft velvet lining
  • Stylish and simplistic
  • Perfect for pampered pets
  • Durable and long-lasting


Sku: H93856-FIG

The Ultimate Slumber Spot for Your Four-Legged Friend!

Introduce your beloved pet to their new favourite resting spot – the Deluxe Foam Filled Dog Bed. Expertly crafted with a keen sense of style and functionality, its simplistic design doesn’t compromise on comfort. The bed boasts a high-density foam filling, ensuring a plush and supportive space for your dog to lay its head. Coupled with an ultra-soft, luxurious velvet material, every nap becomes an experience in opulence. Whether your dog is a pampered pooch or a rugged rover, this bed promises restful slumbers and sweet dreams. The bed’s durable construction means it’s built to last, even with the most enthusiastic of dogs making it their haven.


  • Premium Comfort: Filled with high-density foam for optimum support.
  • Luxe Feel: Lined with a plush velvet material for an ultra-soft touch.
  • Simplistic Design: A sleek design that complements any home décor.
  • Built to Last: Durable construction suitable for all dog sizes and breeds.


What’s Included:

  • 1x Deluxe Foam Filled Dog Bed



  • Material: Velvet lining with foam filling
  • Design: Simplistic and elegant